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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Well, well...

I think we need to put Microsoft to bed early tonight, the little duffer has had quite enough excitement for the last couple of days.  Let's see here, not one but two windows 8 tablets, windows phone 8 announcements, and windows phone 7.8 high jinx.

Let's start with the Microsoft Surface shall we?  Is it me, or did the big hoopla surrounding the announcement  see a little...rushed?  Kind of slapped together at the last minute?  Some say they were in a bit of panic to rip open their proverbial trench coats and dangle their new products in front of us before Google could drop the Nexus tablet bomb.  I could be wrong, whatever.
It just seemed there was a lot of style, and very little substance.  Granted, it had a metric ass-tonne of style.  Man does that thing look slick.  So tell me Mr. Ballmer, how much does that thing cost?  When is it coming out?  What's the screen resolution?  What kind of battery life are we looking at?  How much storage space? How much RAM? What kind of processor is in the ARM version?  I can just picture him putting an index finger up to his pursed lips giggling coyly and saying, "I can teeeeeeelllllllll yoooooooooouuuuuu, tee hee hee."
Evidently Mirco-sloth (See what I did there?  Cause they're a little slow?  As is a sloth?) has not figured out what Apple has a long time ago, people want instant gratification.  If you announce it at noon, people want to be able to buy it a noon-oh-one.  Not in 3 months, and certainly not next year!  Microsoft suffers from pre-mature announcement, it would seem.  Every one of their competitors now knows exactly what they are up against and can plan accordingly for this holiday orgy of rampant consumerism.

Next up Windows phone 8 bitches!  Or as I like to call it, "yeah, yeah we all knew about this shit months ago."  No real big surprises here.  They blew up the stage with new features that I think most people would agree should be a logical progression of a maturing OS.  Over the air updates? Check.  Refined home screen? Roger that.  Support from the same manufacturers that already supported the system?  You don't friggin' say?
The whole Windows 7.8 thing was a bit of a twist though, didn't see that one coming, I honestly expected them to say, "WP 7.5 users?  Fuck those guys, they can go get a new phone."
So, Kudos guys, you exceed my low expectations.

Now, I'm ragging on ol' M$ pretty hard, but it's all in good fun.  I for one am very excited to see what will happen with Win 8.  I really think we need another big player in the market, and MS is just the guys to do it. I think they got a winning product on their hands.  A year from now when average Joe consumer spots that phone in the shop that looks just like his laptop at home, it will be a easy sell.  Then he walks over the tablet isle an sees a tablet that also looks like his laptop at home, well shit, that just makes sense doesn't it?
Is Microsoft the saviour of the consumer electronics world, I don't think so.  Let's face it, they're no saints, neither are the other guys though.  The best we can hope for is that they fight each other tooth and nail for our hard earned dollars  They get money, we get crazy cool gadgets to distract us from our hollow, meaningless existence. We all come out happy, smelling like rainbows and puppies.

See.....I said Mirco-SLOTH instead of MicroSOFT, cause they're big and stupid and slow.  LOL

I'll see myself out......

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