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Thursday, 29 March 2012


Here's an odd Dichotomy for you.  I love photography, photographs, cameras and the like.  That much should be fairly self evident.  However, I almost universally loath photographers.  There are a few exceptions to this of course, there are a few photographers who are truly awesome, (you know who you are, never stop being awesome.)
Let's get right down to it shall we, this is why I hate photographers:

"Crimes of Adventure in the Polaroid Apocalypse" is an exploration of local industrial decay both economic and literal. Multiple photographic media were used to capture our subject matter, fittingly including the eponymous Polaroid given the contemporaneous expiry of the site and this medium. 'Crimes of Adventure' also chronicles the artists' intimate experiences with the subject matter, telling a story that dissects the nature of dereliction, loss, and the powerful and fluctuating essence of places."

Really?  For reals real?  Not for play play?  Rarely do I get to experience that level of absurd tripe.

That was the description of an upcoming photo exhibit in my fair city, pictures of derelict buildings and urban decay.  Now, if the name of the show was, "I took a bunch of photos that I think are pretty neat, I hope you like them too." It would have my full endorsement.  Instead they choose to shovel truck loads of nonsensical pretentious bullshit.  Oh I know, I'll give it a try on one of my pictures!

This photo is an analogous representation the slow but inexorable dissolution of the traditional schema of farming, left behind in a fast paced modernized, industrial operandi.
Or maybe it's just a picture of a fucking barn

Wow, it's actually pretty difficult to come up with shit, finding superfluous synonyms and just the right air of pretentiousness.  I take it all back, well done all, I wish you all the best in your....thing.


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