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Saturday, 31 March 2012


So by now most people following gaming news will have seen or heard of this crazy (new?) rumor about next gen consoles having some sort of mechanism to block the used game business.  Here's a nifty little article on Gamespot quoting a "well known industry analyst" Michael Pa-who gives a shit. He delightfully and oh so tactfully states that whoever leaked this rumor is a "monkey."  I like his style.  He continues that it's just a rehash of old rumors from back in ought five, when this current gen of consoles were being birthed.  Well hell, there you go, we've busted this thing wide open.  If it didn't happen seven years ago, there's no possible way it could happen now right? Right?
Ok, there is one huge difference between then and now.  Seven years ago it was not viable or feasible to have a large scale digital distribution system.  Now it most defiantly is, and by gum it works great!  I pretty much exclusively do my gaming on my PC, through a little system called Steam.  I can't even recall the last time I went out a bought a physical disc, but even if I did, all I would have to do is type in the CD key on steam. I STILL don't even require the disc.  (Yes I know it doesn't work that way with EVERY game, *cough*EA*cough.)   But tie this type of distribution service with some dedicated hardware, like maybe the Xbox 70X100PL Extreme, or whatever they call it, and you have a winning combination.
Next argument:  The big three would never do this for fear of the wrath of a dying game company.  Gamestop/EB games would refuse to stock new titles, in retaliation for killing their shitty used game business,  and that would hurt overall sales.  Yeah, I can see it now, "hey man, Call of Duty seventylevenhundred just came out, let's go buy it!  Oh, gamestop doesn't have it?  Darn I guess we'll just never get to play it, sigh."
Give me a break, the sooner that shitty company bows out of the industry the better.  In fact, after I left EB Games back in 2006, after 5 long years as a manager, I stated that this company would not even exist in 10 years.  I'm still betting that I'm right, I've seen how they do business from the inside, and it's a horrible mess.  You've got 4 years Gamestop, the clock is ticking.
So mister industry analyst, even though approve of your blatant disrespect and name calling, I still think you are dead wrong.  This sort of system is not only likely, it's inevitable.  In fact if I'm wrong about this I will eat my....umm, delicious chocolate cake.  Anyone who doesn't think this is the way thing are going is a monkey.


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