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Monday, 2 April 2012


Hunger Games, Harry Potter, even Twilight I suppose.  A few insanely popular books in a world and time where reading is defiantly not the preferred method of consuming content.  I love to read, and I would love it if more people would love to read.  All these books are kind of targeted towards younger people, (although that doesn't stop older people from voraciously gobbling them up.)  None of these books are very deep or challenging to read, but as so many people have said, "at least it's getting people to read!"
Is it though?  I think to an avid reader, these type of books are merely a 7-11 pit stop on their giant reading journey.  What about people who normally don't read, and are inspired to delve into the worlds of these books?  Do they enjoy it so much that they continue reading long after they polished off every bit of drama from their favorite sparkling vampire?  I'm willing to bet they don't, I mean there's a reason why they weren't avid readers to begin with, it's just not their thing.  It's more a case of, "everyone and their grandma is reading and yakking about this book, I got to see what this is all about."  It's like a little sun burst of pop culture, here today, and then gone and forgotten when the next big thing comes out.  Kind of like a pet rock, or pogs.
So to all you habitual readers, keep doing what you're doing, yer awesome.  To all those who have only read whatever is currently trending on your twitter feed, these popular book series are average at best, yeah I went there, what of it?  I implore you to go out and find new authors, and new stories, you will find a myriad of painstakingly and meticulously crafted worlds, incredible characters, fantastical adventures.  I guarantee you of that.  These books are merely floating on the surface of good fiction, there's and entire ocean yet to explore.

Let me get you started:

If you loved Harry Potter, look for the belgariad series by David Eddings.

If you loved Hunger Games look up "The Long Walk" By Stephan King Richard Bachman.

If you loved Twilight, kill yourself.


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