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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Chrono Cross, Legend of Legaia, Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, Dragon Quest 7, Legend of Dragoon, Breath of Fire 3, and 4, Suikoden, hell I’ll even throw in Beyond the Beyond (look it up). Does it seem to anyone else that the last great console for traditional turn based RPG’s was the PS1? Things have been all downhill since then. The next generation made a token effort with FF X, Dragon quest 8, and the odd Nocturne or Xenosaga game, but for the most part, the genre was already on life support. Then came the current generation of consoles, and the noble turn based RPG is all but dead and buried. Once again, a few token efforts, but for the most part it seemed like the developers where just phoning it in with the likes of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. I can’t really think of any others that were released, where there seriously on 2 titles this generation? How fucking sad is that? Maybe there were a few more, but clearly they had little to no impact.

So, what the hell happened? A short few years ago, our cup runneth over with amazing titles like the ones mentioned above, to virtually nothing. I hear tell that’s not what modern gamers want anymore, they’re to slow, boring, and you have fucking read shit, heaven forbid. Everything is catered towards the OCD gamer of today, even the so call “Action-RPG’s” which is the best an RPG fan can hope for these days is fast and frenetic twitch-fest.

If you ask any publisher, they will tell you that people aren’t interested in that old style of gaming, it’s out dated and people have moved on. Well then, someone should really let Tim Schafer and his Double Fine team know that before they try to make and old school adventure game. Nobody is interested in that type of game anymore either, right? Oh wait, 2+ million dollars worth of crowd sourced funding would say otherwise.

The old timers like me are still around, our voices just seem to get drowned out by all the idiots calling each other fags on a spirited match of Call of Duty 12:Modern Battlefield of wartime Happy shooter guy EX Plus alpha. No thank you.

As the years go by, my game purchases get fewer and farther between. There are still some really talented people doing some really great things, and I am very grateful for that. Unfortunately, they also get drowned out by companies that are just pandering to the lowest common denominator, shovelling out schlock that that the drooling masses just seem to eat right up. (I’m looking at you Wii developers)

What I wouldn’t give for a full budget, fully realized, full on traditional turn based RPG on modern (or next gen.) consoles, I would play the hell out of that shit. I’d be one of the very few though.

In conclusion: Fuck you FF XIII.


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