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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


So I was messing around on my PS3 last night, when I came across two little words that launched me into an experience unlike anything I have ever come across in all my years of playing video games.  I'm not even really sure that "video game" is an accurate description, it's closer to interactive art in my mind.  I'm not going to talk about any specifics of the game, you need to experience it for yourself, as I would imagine it's a little different for everybody.  It will stir your emotions, and bring a calm serene sense of wonder and exploration.  So many adjectives come to mind when I try to describe what it is: mystical, poignant, thoughtful, beautiful, curious, frightful, sad, hopeful, elated, and a sense of silent camaraderie.
If you own a PS3, you would be doing yourself a massive disservice by not giving it a try, set aside 2 hours or so, no interruptions or distractions.  Play the whole thing though, it won't take too long, but it's truly worth it.
So I came across two little words, floating near the bottom of the screen, beside them sat a lone, silent figure in a sand dune, "Start Journey" it said.
So I did.


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