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Friday, 20 April 2012



Hey there Mister Google,  I know you read my blog and I hear you are having some problems getting your little mobile operating system updates out in a timely fashion.  I hear tell you ask your OEM’s to agree to support their handset for at least 18 months.  How’s that working out for you?  Oh…oh I see, not so great huh?  There is no repercussions if they don’t?  Well, that’s fine, I always say positive re-enforcement is much better anyway.  Reward for good behaviour, don’t punish for bad behaviour.  Even though your OEM’s have been very bad indeed.

I have an idea though, you might like it, and you are free to use it if you want.  Here’s what you do:  Make it mandatory that’s OEM’s have to charge $10 dollars for all major OS upgrades for the first six months the new version is out.  I can guarantee nobody will be dragging their heels when there is money to be made.  Also, make them split it oh, I don’t know, 70/30 with the carriers.  I bet the carriers “approval” process will vastly improve overnight.  With this scenario in place, you would have seen ICS on every capable handset/tablet on the planet 6 months ago.  Kiss fragmentation good bye.

So let’s break this down into wins/losses:

OEM’s: WIN, they make money off of handsets already sold

Carriers:WIN,  Mo’ money, they like money.

Early adopters: WIN, measly 10 bones for a timely upgrade, I’d do it.

People who don’t really care: WIN the upgrade will eventually be free.

Mr. Google: WIN, People will start calling you Good Guy Google.

That’s a whole lot of WIN right there, Charlie Sheen would be proud.

In conclusion, you mom is so ugly she tried to enter an ugly contest and they said, “Sorry, no professionals.”




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